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About One Rudiment ® Drum Company.

Welcome to One Rudiment® Drum Company where your desire to consummate the very essence of the music world; Drums, comes alive. One Rudiment Drum give first timers an opportunity to learn firsthand the basics of drum instrument in no time, through the ``Joseph's step-by-step training book”, a book carefully embed with Modern application of drum tabs and drum numbers technique which serves as one of many other materials we use to guide our students through the well structured four simple steps designed to make the lessons comprehensible. With our lesson methods carefully heeded to, all you need do is sit at the kit with the proper posture and savor your performance while you get familiar with the basic drum kit. In one of our basic drum essentials, we take you through beat preparation which requires Drummer Speed; the act of making corresponding sounds that brings out the rave in every song, creating an irresistible music at the end. In this lesson, we teach you why and how using one hand is essential in drumming, why every drummer must not hang onto a particular pattern for a long period of time as well as how to play a role with both hands.

Innovative Methods

We have developed an App that teaches drum rhythms in different time signatures, 44, 68, 24, 34 as well as show the user how to apply it using numbers which is traceable through the layout below using different number orchestrations.

Weekly Classes

Our summer lesson is an intensive drum lesson, where students can learn drums in 5 days. ‘Learn drums in 5 days’ is a successful drum training camp for beginners and intermediate players.


Modern Equipments


Professional Courses